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AVES WORLD Best Bird Sites

Rank Site In Out
1 Penas exóticas - Criação de Psitacídeos
162 785

O Penas Exóticas dedica-se à criação de aves de estimação. Portuguese Parrot Breeding Center.
2 Aviary Bird Pro - shop online
107 3082

Quality Products for Pet and Aviary Birds. Avicultural accessories. Secure eBay payment. Ship worldwide.
3 Bird Breeders in Australia
105 1043

News for bird lovers. Aviculture is Bird-conservation in Action. Huge list of Bird Sales and Events in Australia.
4 Parrot Society of New Zealand - PSNZ Convention
33 371

Breeding New Zealand's parrots and exotics species. Magazine & newsletter. Bird sales, products, workshops, international conference.
5 Aves International Parrot Convention
11 1030

AVES Conventions promote aviculture, specifically the breeding of parrots. Speakers from Australia, USA and worldwide are featured. LH