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'Aviculture is bird conservation in action'

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Rank Site In Out
1 Aviary Bird Pro - shop online
44 10258

Unique, Quality Products for Pet and Aviary Birds. Avicultural accessories. Secure eBay payment. Ship worldwide.
2 Bird Breeders in Australia News
7 9431

News for bird lovers. Aviculture is Bird-conservation in Action. Bird Sales and Events List for Australia.
3 Aves International Parrot Convention 2021
4 9019

AVES Conventions promote aviculture, specifically the breeding of parrots. Speakers from Australia, USA and worldwide are featured.LH
4 Save the Cassowary
2 7066

The Southern Cassowary is endangered. Help save the rainforest habitat, food trees, and injured birds. Its a race against time!
5 Top Bird Sites
2 3997

Sites that show birds in a positive way are welcome to join our Top Bird Sites.
6 Birdline Parrot Rescue
2 1943

Registered Non-profit organization dedicated to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome parrots, and educate owners.
7 Aves Center - birds and events FREE advertising
1 7485

GRATIS advertenties om uw vogels te verkopen. Evenementen. Artikelen. FREE ads to sell your birds. Events. Articles. Dutch and English.
8 The top list of great sites for bird lovers!
1 1400

Advertise your bird site for FREE. No approval required. Click to read the easy setup directions.
9 Parrots Daily News
1 8625

Professional journalism with interviews, reports, and international discussion on parrots, CITES and the legislation of breeding birds in captivity.
1 9990

Parrot Breeders’ Association of Southern Africa (PASA) is a membership organisation with the aim of protecting and promoting the interests of its members
11 Ipswich Bird Spectacular - Queensland Australia
0 4996

Annual event with championship bird shows, bird sale, and bird-keeping products trade show. Bird vet onsite. Five clubs in one day!
12 The Birdy Toy Box
0 4648

Manufacturing safe, quality, bird toys for all sizes of birds. Bird toy parts made of stainless steel, bird safe wood & veggie tanned leather.
13 Interzoo - International Pet Industry Exhibition
0 7583

The world's largest trade fair for the international pet industry. Manufacturers, wholesalers and providers from over 60 countries.
14 Cornell Lab of Ornithology - Living Bird magazine
0 1441

Ornithologists, scientists, students, and people from all walks of life in a quest to generate new knowledge and conserve our birds and natural world.
15 All Animal Websites
0 6984

Huge directory of bird, animal and pet websites worldwide. List your site for free!
16 Parrot Alert - Lost and Found Bird Reporting
0 7661

FREE international geographical search for lost, stolen and found birds and parrots. Online report and alert site cross-posting to social media.
17 Birds International - Philippines
0 5421

Avicultural Park & Research Centre for endangered birds. Captive-breeding facility specializing in parrots. Birds International has a total area of six hectares hosting 6,000 birds from 198 species.
18 GENCALC - Genetics Calculator
0 9976

43 species in mutation gallery. Calculates all possible genetic outcomes for any combination of breeding pairs. Shows the probabilities for each outcome. Hundreds of pictures.
19 Free Image Optimizer
0 2786

Online image optimizer reduces file size of jpegs. Ideal for bird site banners, favicons, avatars, profile images, etc. Free to Use!
20 IPATA International Pet and Animal Transport Assoc
0 4051

IPATA is an international network of pet relocation specialists providing professional humane services worldwide.
21 Friendly Contacts
0 962

Meet people and friends online.
22 National Audubon Society
0 6477

The National Audubon Society was founded in 1905 to protect birds and the places they need.
23 Aves De Portugal - Birds of Portugal
0 2759

Lista das Aves de Portugal. List of the Birds of Portugal.
24 Directory of Bird, Pet and Animal Sites
0 2599

Choose from a huge selection of bird, pet and animal ranking lists on and advertise your website for FREE!
25 Weltvogelpark Walsrode - World Bird Park
0 4790

Over 4,000 birds and 675 different species in the World Bird Park! And we have many conservation breeding programs for endangered birds.
26 Canadian Parrot Conference
0 2879

For avian enthusiasts to enhance their knowledge of care, behaviour and husbandry of parrots. World renowned experts share knowledge and experiences.
27 Top 100 Parrot Breeders Sites
0 554

Top list of parrot breeders websites. Check them out and add your own bird website!
28 International Parrot Convention Tenerife Spain
0 10433

International speakers on avian biology, aviculture, captive-breeding for conservation. 800 guests. Four days. Loro Parque parrot conservation centre.
29 Avicultural Society of America
0 6457

The Avicultural Society of America: bird breeding, conservation, restoration, education. Avicultural Bulletin. ASA Conference. Founded in 1927
30 Tamborine Aviaries - Australia
0 2929

Breeders of Australian and Exotic Parrots as Hand-reared Pets and Breeding Birds.
31 Avizandum Magazine for Birdkeepers
0 10045

South Africas premier avicultural e-magazine. Since 1989. Published monthly for keepers & breeders of pet & aviary birds. Plus Books, DVDs
32 Penas Exóticas - Criação de Psitacídeos
0 5176

Penas Exóticas. Dedicada à criação de aves de estima. Portuguese Parrot Breeding Center
33 The International Community of Aviculture - ICA
0 6187

Arabic forum that is concerned with pet birds, reflecting the considerable experience of Arabic bird breeders in aviculture. Arabic, English, French.
34 Save The Gouldian Fund
0 3298

STGF is a charity raising funds for research and conservation of the highly-endangered Gouldian Finch. Less than 2500 Gouldians survive in the wild!
35 Queenslander Aviaries
0 3087

Parrot Breeder in Brisbane, Australia. We keep, breed and handraise a select variety of birds from Cockatiels to Lovebirds, Conures, Caiques, Amazons.
36 Parrot Society of New Zealand - PSNZ Convention
0 5837

Breeding New Zealand's parrots and exotics species. Magazine & newsletter. Bird sales, products, workshops, international conference.
37 Birdlife International - Threatened Birds
0 4174

Conservation works! Given sufficient resources and political will, species can be saved. There are now almost 200 bird species facing extinction.
38 Katharina, Lineolated or Barred Parakeet
0 4296

Bolborhynchus lineola. Their Keeping, Breeding, Mutations, and Literature. 'Lineolated Parakeets' book by Sigrid and Hendrik Marz
39 Borneo Bird Club Malaysia
0 4174

Promoting the conservation of Malaysia's unique native birds. Join the Borneo Bird Festival for a fantastic birding experience!

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