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'Aviculture is bird conservation in action'

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Rank Site In Out
1 Aviary Bird Pro - shop online
5 12974

Unique, Quality Products for Pet and Aviary Birds. Avicultural accessories. Secure eBay payment. Ship worldwide.
2 Bird Breeders in Australia News
3 17239

News for bird lovers. Aviculture is bird-conservation in Action. Promoting avicultural clubs and events.
3 Aves International Parrot Convention - Australia
2 11857

AVES Conventions promote aviculture, specifically the breeding of parrots. Speakers from Australia, USA and worldwide are featured.
4 Join the top list of great sites for bird lovers!
1 1550

Advertise your bird site for FREE. No approval required. Click to read the easy setup directions.
5 Bird Sales and Events List for Australia
1 10235

Bird sales, avicultural events and bird club auctions in Australia, plus avicultural conventions in Australia and overseas. FREE to use! Always current. Over 80 events listed every year.
0 10844

Parrot Breeders Association of Southern Africa (PASA) is a membership organisation with the aim of protecting and promoting the interests of its members
7 Cornell Lab of Ornithology - Living Bird magazine
0 4897

Ornithologists, scientists, students, and people from all walks of life in a quest to generate new knowledge and conserve our birds and natural world.
8 Interzoo - International Pet Industry Exhibition
0 7753

The world's largest trade fair for the international pet industry. Manufacturers, wholesalers and providers from over 60 countries.
9 IPATA International Pet and Animal Transport Assoc
0 4195

IPATA is an international network of pet relocation specialists providing professional humane services worldwide.
10 Parrots Daily News
0 9989

Professional journalism with interviews, reports, and international discussion on parrots, CITES and the legislation of breeding birds in captivity.
11 Society Against Animal Abuse
0 4350

Site that shows birds in a positive way.
12 Dummy Eggs - the egg shop
0 1002

Solid plastic fake bird eggs. Stop egg laying. All species. Replace live eggs with artificial eggs. Fast shipping.
13 Birdline Parrot Rescue
0 1969

Registered Non-profit organization dedicated to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome parrots, and educate owners.
14 VulPro - saving South Africa's vultures
0 98

Protecting African vultures through collaboration and innovation. Research and education. Ex-situ conservation breeding. VulPro collects injured vultures from all over South Africa.
15 CABS Committee Against Bird Slaughter
0 193

CABS takes direct action where poachers and bird hunters illegally cruelly trap or shoot our migratory birds. Please donate to fund our campaigns throughout Europe.
16 Anak Burung Tropikana - Tropical Birds
0 1048

Established 1996, one of the largest bird farms in the Southeast Asia. Breeding the rarest birds of Indonesia specialising in Parrots and Hornbills. CITES certified exporting from Jakarta.
17 Birds International - Philippines
0 7148

Avicultural Park & Research Centre for endangered birds. Captive-breeding facility specializing in parrots. Birds International has a total area of six hectares hosting 6,000 birds from 198 species.
18 Parrot Alert - Lost and Found Bird Reporting
0 8737

FREE international geographical search for lost, stolen and found birds and parrots. Online report and alert site cross-posting to social media.
19 Free Image Optimizer
0 2826

Online image optimizer reduces file size of jpegs. Ideal for bird site banners, favicons, avatars, profile images, etc. Free to Use!
20 GENCALC - Genetics Calculator
0 10201

43 species in mutation gallery. Calculates all possible genetic outcomes for any combination of breeding pairs. Shows the probabilities for each outcome. Hundreds of pictures.
21 All Animal Websites
0 7136

Huge directory of bird, animal and pet websites worldwide. List your site for free!
22 Borneo Bird Club Malaysia
0 4955

Promoting the conservation of Malaysia's unique native birds. Join the Borneo Bird Festival for a fantastic birding experience!
23 Queenslander Aviaries
0 3435

Parrot Breeder in Brisbane, Australia. We keep, breed and handraise a select variety of birds from Cockatiels to Lovebirds, Conures, Caiques, Amazons.
24 Parrot Breeders Sites
0 856

Top list of parrot breeders websites. Check them out and add your own bird website!
25 Africam - always live always wild!
0 2802

Watch birds and animals in the African bush LIVE & unscripted. Our primary purpose is to showcase Africa’s wildlife LIVE and generate conservation awareness.
26 Weltvogelpark Walsrode - World Bird Park
0 4976

Over 4,000 birds and 675 different species in the World Bird Park! And we have many conservation breeding programs for endangered birds.
27 International Parrot Convention Tenerife Spain
0 12862

International speakers on avian biology, aviculture, captive-breeding for conservation. 800 guests. Four days. Loro Parque parrot conservation centre.
28 Tamborine Aviaries - Australia
0 2956

Breeders of Australian and Exotic Parrots as Hand-raised Pets and Breeding Birds.
29 Avicultural Society of America
0 8479

The Avicultural Society of America: bird breeding, conservation, restoration, education. Avicultural Bulletin. ASA Conference. Founded in 1927
30 Sylvan Heights Bird Park
0 37

From science talks to holiday celebrations, there's always something fun at Sylvan Heights Bird Park! Live cam from the Avian Breeding Center.
31 Umgeni River Bird Park
0 90

Bird park on 3.5 hectares of lush tropical garden featuring more than 800 birds from 200 species. Some species are the only ones of their kind in Africa. Open seven days.
32 Aves Center - birds and events FREE advertising
0 8157

GRATIS advertenties om uw vogels te verkopen. Evenementen. Artikelen. FREE ads to sell your birds. Events. Articles. Dutch and English.
33 Avicultural Advancement Council of Canada AACC
0 4626

Representing Canadian aviculturists. Uniform show standards, and ethical management, exhibition and captive-breeding of non-agriculture birds.
34 Parrot Society of New Zealand - PSNZ Convention
0 6533

Breeding New Zealand's parrots and exotics species. Magazine & newsletter. Bird sales, products, workshops, international conference.
35 The International Community of Aviculture - ICA
0 7913

Arabic forum that is concerned with pet birds, reflecting the considerable experience of Arabic bird breeders in aviculture. Arabic, English, French.
36 Aves De Portugal - Birds of Portugal
0 2902

Lista das Aves de Portugal. List of the Birds of Portugal.
37 Katharina, Lineolated or Barred Parakeet
0 4476

Bolborhynchus lineola. Their Keeping, Breeding, Mutations, and Literature. 'Lineolated Parakeets' book by Sigrid and Hendrik Marz
38 Save the Cassowary
0 8959

The Southern Cassowary is endangered. Help save the rainforest habitat, food trees, and injured birds. Its a race against time!
39 Avizandum Magazine for Birdkeepers
0 10379

South Africas premier avicultural e-magazine. Since 1989. Published monthly for keepers & breeders of pet & aviary birds. Plus Books, DVDs
40 AWI Parrots Magazine Worldwide
0 2590

Monthly digital magazine with articles from experienced parrot breeders and pet owners from all over the world.
41 Birdlife International - Threatened Birds
0 4338

Conservation works! Given sufficient resources and political will, species can be saved. There are now almost 200 bird species facing extinction.
42 Save The Gouldian Fund
0 3569

STGF is a charity raising funds for research and conservation of the highly-endangered Gouldian Finch. Less than 2500 Gouldians survive in the wild!

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